I have always loved music from early English childhood. School choirs, tapping along to Cliff And The Shads and dancing on the furniture to Fred Astaire re-runs. The family emigrated to N.Z. in 1962 where it seemed every other bloke owned and played a guitar. By 1965 The 'Stones were in and so was I. The Troubled Minds were born, Our first gig was at The Top Hat Ballroom in Napier.

So on a freezing June morning in 1967 we loaded up our cars and set off for Auckland for a crack at the big time. TV appearances and a record deal followed with some success before the band came to it's natural end and I returned to the UK.

1971 and a move to London. After skittling around the city in various musical outfits, I met up with Rod Baxter a songwriter. Later we formed the Baxter Roberts Band playing originals and covers, working the pubs in and around London. We're in the SLIDES.

Answering an ad. in Melody Maker, I was in Switzerland by late spring writing and recording with ex-pat Englishman John Woolhoff. These tracks have recently been released after sitting idle for 45 years and available on Spotify, CLICKY HERE!

It was time to return down under, this time Perth Western Australia where in 1983 along with Alf Demasi we formed The Flying Fonzarellis. After much success touring the West I teamed up with Pete Devita in his Aussie Blues Brothers tribute shows to play Elwood.

Over time I have gathered a wealth of experience as a front man and all round entertainer it was time to go 'solo' and just be Richard Roberts.

I have found my chosen music appeals to a wide variety of audiences who appreciate the various styles and genres from swing to Hayley, Beatles, Stones, Motown to Cash.

I am currently (2021) playing for Special Needs organization's, which I find very uplifting and an added bonus to my other commitments such as performing at sporting clubs, bars and restaurants or private functions and the occasional birthday. In addition I am Movin’ and a Groovin’ with Jimmy Frazer in our duo The Retrotonics. We're also in the SLIDES.

Lately I have been lucky enough to be able to get “out there” with a 9 piece vintage soul band, Richard Roberts and his Soulmates, which is a joy and rarity in current climes. Check the SLIDES.